CLIENT SPOTLIGHT : Rachael, Adidas Manager


At Jaynes Consulting, LLC, we love partnering with our clients as they elevate their potential and conquer their goals. This month we will learn more about Rachael's successful growth journey. Congratulations Rachael on a job well done and a recent promotion!

Rachael's Success (In her own words)

My initial goal was to find and create a current/future career path for myself. I expected an initial challenge of being too busy to work towards my plan as well.

After meeting with Tina [my coach], I felt a genuine feeling that she cares and is excited for our journey. She has real life corporate experience along with her entrepreneurial experience and I feel like the combo of both made me trust her more.

The biggest thing I received [from Jaynes Consulting, LLC] was more time. I feel like I have more time to follow my dreams and goals. I am also able to see the bigger picture regarding my career path. Everything that I am involved in right now is a stepping stone to my future goals.

In addition, the [Jaynes Consulting, LLC] process is not time consuming at all but the value of the things we work on is priceless. I have developed a career path which I am happy and excited about. I have more free time to do the things I want to do. I also learned how to network better and with purpose.

Some of the learning tools that I used or purchased because of this partnership has helped me learn my streng​​ths and weaknesses. It has helped me recognize other's strengths and encourage them to get involved in things they are interested in or excel at. I think outside of the normal routine to find solutions and answers to my issues.

This partnership has helped me get excited about the work I do and the work I am going to do in the future!

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