LEARN FROM CHALLENGES : Build Your Resilience For Sustainable Success

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Have you ever wondered why some people succeed versus others? Most of the time, the difference has been the choice to work hard, stay focused, and overcome the roadblocks in life by learning from challenges. We all know that success is not an overnight accomplishment so here are three things you can do to learn from your challenges.

  • Embrace challenges as a critical part of your learning and growth journey. We suggest aligning your expectations to encounter challenges and plan accordingly. For example, if you are launching a new service or product, build in time to complete a pilot to learn the potential challenges. Then adjust your next steps based on the lessons learned from the pilot so the final result is a major success. If we do not embrace challenges our expectations are not very realistic and we are not setting ourselves up for success.

  • Identify new opportunities that exist because of the challenges you are facing. There are so many ways to get your goals accomplished. If plan A presents too many challenges, there are 25 other letters in the alphabet that will do just fine. The key is to not limit yourself. Ask yourself what new opportunities exist because of the challenges you are facing? Engage others with a different perspective, if that helps you identify these new opportunities as well. See the bright side of the challenge and you will be empowered to successful move forward with ease.

  • Reflect on past success when overcoming challenges and continue to implement what has helped in the past. Successful people learn from their challenges. They have learned that you never lose in the face of a challenge. You only win or learn as you continue your growth journey. A good way to apply your learning is by making the challenge more familiar versus a new feeling you have never dealt with before. We have all faced and conquered challenges in the past so what did you do to successfully move past your previous challenges? Did you prioritize the work? Did you get encouragement from a best friend? Did you realize the challenge was something you could accept over time? These are just a few questions to reflect on as you remember what helped you in your past as you conquered challenges. Also, the challenges you face are most likely temporary and this experience with your challenges could bring out the best in you regarding the skills you need for a successful future. Know that you are stronger than you greatest challenge!

Learn from challenges by utilizing these three things and you will build your resilience for sustainable success!

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