CLIENT SPOTLIGHT : Amanda, Ignition Vice President of Operations

At Jaynes Consulting, LLC, we love partnering with our clients as they elevate their potential and conquer their goals. This month we will learn more about Amanda's successful growth journey with the US Executive Board of Ignition.

Amanda's Success (In her own words)

Our company was forming a new board, with 3 individuals coming from 3 different perspectives and levels within our previous organizational structure. We needed to bring separate view points and discover how to work best as a team in unity. We needed to decide what differences were between key sticking points and areas of compromise, to obtain alignment. The new board was also tasked with setting forth best practices, standard operating procedures and an annual plan for operation. Our task was set for us with a great deal to cover in a brief period of time.

Jaynes Consulting was an easy choice for us in this process, due to experience in our field of expertise, professionalism, and an unbiased/considered approach to this type of problem solving. Jaynes Consulting is very experienced at team building and executive coaching. These services were exactly what we needed.

Jaynes Consulting spent the extra time to have group and individual sessions with our key players to ensure success and understanding from the start. The process was seamless from our perspective. Jaynes listened to us in depth and tailored an experience to help us progress at a pace that would not have been possible without their engagement.

Our new board has obtained alignment on an annual plan and hit short term targets for goals and objectives which keeps us focused. We have also learned effective communication skills to manage problems and communicate any areas of potential risk. We can now identify these areas with one another much easier and pre-emptively work toward solutions, using the tools we were provided in our coaching sessions. We are now functioning at a high level toward business development with new and existing clients along with internal operations. We were able to compromise and quickly make a new addition to our team with ease and alignment. We have made so much progress and have Jaynes Consulting to thank at the heart of this progress.

This [experience] largely helped me [personally] with self-reflection and listening to others. This is a key area of growth for me. I am very pleased with the tools provided to me to help me with this growth.

I would recommend Jaynes Consulting to anyone wanting to take [their] company or personal development to the next level.

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