At Jaynes Consulting, LLC, we love partnering with our clients as they elevate their potential and conquer their goals. This month we will learn more about LeeAnne's successful growth journey as the owner of EvoLEAD.

LeeAnne's Success (In her own words)

I had three initial goals as I considered my career change. Tina helped me think through how to prioritize them and think about what course to take especially when my goals were in conflict with each other. The challenge that I was facing was around deciding if this was the right time to start my own business versus staying in the corporate world. She did an extraordinary job helping me set personal and professional milestones so that I could pursue both paths until the choice become clear to me. She never made the decisions for me, but through her insightful questions and her willingness to share her own experiences, I was able to move to a path that felt very logical and well planned.

I had worked with Tina in the past and I found her to be an incredible coach who partners with people in a way that challenges them yet also allows them to grow using their own style. She is one of the most genuine, caring partners I have worked with, and I like that she really listens and tries to understand and pull out the real underlying goals when she is working with clients. She is the perfect blend between a coach, a consultant and a cheerleader because she understands a client’s goals as well as the need for a support system in place to achieve those goals.

I felt like Tina was able to provide me with a wide range of tools that helped me in the goal setting process as well as the tactical implementation phase of my business development. She does a super job of continually checking in to make sure that the goals and circumstances haven’t changed, and she was instrumental in challenging me to set real stretch goals that were necessary for my success. She has always been available for me as I needed to bounce ideas or get feedback, and I look forward to every single one of our 1:1 conversations.

In six months, I was able to start a business, develop a learning curriculum for a week long leadership program, complete a pilot program, start a marketing and business development plan, and look for strategic partners. I think that I am thriving as a new business owner as a result of this partnership, and I believe that I have found my true calling.

Tina helped me grow as a leader by challenging me to think bigger, to continually think about the probability of wild success, and to surround myself with the right mix of people to ensure success.

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