As Jaynes Consulting, LLC continues to grow, we feel it is important to give back to our community so we have partnered with Chosen Ministries to do just that! Please read all about our new partnership and why we are excited about Chosen Ministries.

Company Information

Chosen Ministries is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization that assists young single parents by removing the barriers that prevent them from succeeding. They do this through successfully mentoring, coaching, and equipping impoverished single parents in the areas of life skills, professionalism and job readiness training, financial literacy, and the development of healthy relationships. They have a great mission that we want to support.

Our Partnership

Jaynes Consulting, LLC grows primarily from referrals that connect us to the following ideal clients:

  • Company owners that want to establish sustainable growth quicker and easier

  • Professionals that want to climb the corporate ladder as they advance their career

  • Supervisors who want their team(s) to embrace change, become inclusive, and perform with excellence consistently

  • Human Resource leaders who want to proactively develop emerging and experienced leaders to meet the organizational growth goals and think like industry influencers

Our goal is to partner with these individuals and/or companies to execute a customized growth strategy that will ensure sustainable growth. Our approach combines leadership develop, culture building, and executive coaching so our clients have a competitive advantage on their growth journey.

As new partnerships are formed from referrals, Jaynes Consulting, LLC will donate $100 per partnership to Chosen Ministries. How exciting! Keep reading to learn the impact $100 can have with these young parents.

Impact Of Donations

Chosen Ministries has clients that come to them with a fair amount of instability and several barriers that keep them from succeeding. Transportation, child care, permanent housing, and underemployment are the largest barriers to success for young single parents in the program. Our donation(s) will makes a significant impact in the lives of Chosen's clients! Learn how below.

For every $100 we contribute, we will help with the following items:

  • Bus transportation for job interviews and job orientations ($20 per week)

  • Full time child care for a single parent that just started working and hasn't received a paycheck yet ($150 per week)

  • State requirements assistance to obtain a vocation license which can lead to quality employment for single parents ($500 in total)

  • Chosen's social services including job readiness training, life skills, and financial literacy ($1200 for 6 months)

How You Can Help

Your referrals have helped so many reach 4x their desired growth. That is amazing! We now have an opportunity to help many more with this new referral structure. Our ideal clients are waiting for a partner like us so let's help them out by doing one or more of the following next steps.

  • Share this post with your friends, family, and co-workers

  • Share any personal experiences with Jaynes Consulting, LLC with others like yourself

  • Make a virtual introduction so we can follow-up directly with your referral. Need help with this? Just let us know!

Thank you, in advance, for helping us take our clients and Chosen Ministries to the next level! If you would like to learn even more about Chosen Ministries, please go to

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