TAKE THE WEEKEND OFF : Prevent Momentary Or Permanent Burnout

Have you been feeling tired and overwhelmed with your work? If you answered yes, these are sure signs burnout is on the horizon. Burnout can also feel like a lack of motivation or engagement and feelings of ineffectiveness. Burnout can prevent you from being your best self. Your mind and body are giving you warning signs already to slow down so you can engage and be productive after a mental or physical break. Prevent momentary or permanent burnout by taking the weekend off! Here are three benefits or tips to taking the weekend off to prevent burnout.

  • Recharge Your Mind And Body - Too much of anything is not a good thing, including work. Recharge by doing other things outside of work. This includes getting much needed sleep, doing activities that are not part of your routine, and relaxing with people that make you happy. These things can help reset and positively fill your mind and body for a strong start come Monday.

  • Live vs. Do - Creates a more balanced life where you can enjoy all the hard work you do Monday through Friday. What fun hobby have you been putting off for a while? Do that this weekend! Forget anticipating opportunity and time to do the fun stuff in the future, your time is now so why not enjoy the things that breathe life back into you.

  • Practice Being Present - Often, at work, it is hard to turn our brains off. We are constantly thinking of our to do list, what else we need to be doing, what is happening next week, and so on. During the weekend, focus on one thing at a time. Whatever you are doing in that moment, just do that. It will prevent sensory overload and your Monday work priorities will thank you for it. ​

Give yourself permission to get excited about the weekend. Enjoy recharging your mind and body, living versus doing, and being fully present!

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