CLIENT SPOTLIGHT : Blanche, Eli Lilly and Company Project Manager

At Jaynes Consulting, LLC, we love partnering with our clients as they elevate their potential and conquer their goals. This month we will learn more about Blanche's successful growth journey.

Blanche's Success (In her own words)


Thank you for your insight, enthusiasm, professionalism, and dedication to the clients you serve! You are living your dream and it is evident to me based on our experiences. You are truly serving in your passion and you are effective!

2014 was a very hard year for me personally and professionally----but God! The Christmas break I longed for and desperately needed, I did not get. Therefore, I started the year (2015) exhausted physically and emotionally. In February, I was advised to take a medical leave and did not return to work until the later part of April.

I knew re-entry would be challenging given my unplanned medical leave and the obstacles I faced in my personal life. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to hear you speak publically at the African American Associates Forum and was aware of your decision to become the Founder of Jaynes Consulting. I knew I had to reach out to you to develop a plan for my re-entry.

Tina you helped me to embrace my new normal and develop a plan to meet and in some cases exceed my professional goals. You equipped me with tools and many times you gave me the words to clearly articulate feedback, desires, and aspirations about my life, my career and my development. I could say so many more positive things.

You helped me increase my effectiveness and performance in just 8 months. I love you, my sister. You encourage me in so many ways. Here are a few things I would note to potential clients:

1. Even in periods of high stress - be honest about your situation, develop a plan and use your resources. I was in and am still coming out of a unique situation and I knew I needed experienced, neutral, professional career development. My goal was not for the short term but to secure my position and set me up for long term success.

2. Even in periods of high stress - be proactive. I knew I had to get a head of my re-entry. I am so thankful for meeting with you before I returned to work. I hit the ground running! In August my boss had to re-level my work load given all of the projects I had acquired. If I had waited to reach out to you when I returned to work, I would not have been prepared or able to focus.

3. Even in periods of high stress - don’t loose your excitement! I have had an awesome career at Lilly, with only a few bumps in the road over the last 25 years and I am grateful! I have experienced a lot of career satisfaction. My new normal is real. I am a career Mom, and I need to set reasonable expectations for myself as I strive to continue to experience success professionally while at the same time meet the needs of my family. Given the success I have experienced, I have earned the right to be excited and I will not let anyone or any circumstance take that from me!


Blanche D. Benedict

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