Do you have to much work and not enough time before the holiday break? Many of our professional clients are saying yes! Well we want to help. Here are 3 tips to end your work year like a pro - ready to mentally enjoy the holidays and hit the ground running upon your return to work!

  • Segment Your To Do List - Write down all your to do items then segment the list into three categories. The first category are tasks that need to get done before vacation. Limit this list to the number of task you can complete with your remaining time before vacation. The second category are tasks that need to get done when you return from vacation. Limit this list to the top 3 priority tasks to complete the first day back from vacation. This increases your level of productivity immediately returning to work. Everything else can go into the third category which are tasks that you will prioritize later after your first day back from vacation. This is such a great way to plan your exit and re-entry!

  • Communicate With Your Critical Stakeholders - These are the people that deserve more than an out of office message when they send an e-mail your way. This could include your employees, strategic partners, clients, management, and more. Let this group know your availability, appropriate contact information, and how you will connect with them upon your return. It is a great way to keep them informed and top of mind upon your return.

  • Participate In A Holiday Tradition - It can take up to 3 days to not think about work when starting a vacation. Having fun with friends over dinner, shopping with family, or scheduling a massage can be a great way to speed up your transition from work to vacation. Kick start your vacation by embracing everything you love about the holidays!

These 3 tips will help you prepare for your much needed holiday vacation and transition back to work effectively. Enjoy and happy holidays!

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