NEW YEAR MOMENTUM : Engaging Yourself & Others!

How was your 1st day back to work after your vacation? Returning to work after the holidays can be exciting or it may seem like drudgery if you failed to develop as you had hoped in the previous year. Resetting to accomplish new efforts and encourage others to do the same is possible. Here’s a little direction in engaging yourself and your teammates in the New Year.

  • Engaged Vision - Preparing to start a new year at work requires setting aside a moment to assess what you did well the previous year – and what you need to improve. Utilize that information to direct your vision of how to become a more engaged member of your team going forward. Visually outline those goals on a white board, vision board or even a PowerPoint diagram. Make that visual your computer’s screen saver or pin it up in your cubicle. Set your vision before your eyes and watch yourself move towards it.

  • Engaged Influence - Team engagement means insuring that while you are swimming others around you aren’t sinking. Look for opportunities to strategize with team members on a weekly basis. Set up 5 minute check-ins at the top of the day or midweek meetups to assure that you are all moving toward progress. Find out where others may be lagging behind in task management or in need a small boost and offer specific solutions.

  • Engaged Leadership - Maybe you’re the type of team member who not only sees problems, but more importantly can develop solutions. You understand the concerns of your co-workers but can also comprehend management’s point of view. Be a bridge. Request time to meet with executives and share in company development. Recognize your value and bring it to the table.

Engagement increases for all involved when these tips are implemented. Enjoy a new year where you help yourself and others love Mondays!

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