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How do you know if you are in the right career? Millennials and iGens working in a service focused society will have an average of 12 to 15 jobs in their lifetime. In a generation that won’t count on having a lifelong career at one company, how can you find your niche? Where do you plug in? In what role can you find the most enjoyment while simultaneously making your value apparent to others? Self-assessment can help you determine if you’re in the right career lane. Here are a few thoughts to help you self-assess your career choice.

  • Internal Estimation - Does your work make you feel alive or do you consider it drudgery? Does what you do excite you or do you feel completely annoyed at the thought of even going into the office? If you aren’t excited about your next partnership, or dubious about the next contract, then maybe you aren’t in the right spot.

  • External Appraisal - Are your contributions valued? Does your supervisor praise additional effort? Do client surveys acknowledge the vast insight provided during consultations? Are those impacted by your results, referring new clients? If not, maybe it’s time to enlarge your professional circle.

  • Potential Valuation - Do you see several opportunities to advance? Does your company want you to move up? Will they invest in necessary training for that next step? Will taking that leap increase your lasting livelihood? Or will it just be another career move? If not, you might want to switch up roles or expand your knowledge about other companies.

If you cannot truthfully affirm yourself in at least two of these three areas, then maybe it’s time to expand your career options or next steps. Seek out new and challenging opportunities. Consider training to fill in any gaps that might inhibit you from broadening your territory. Do whatever it takes to make your career work for you and watch it unfold into an even greater living legacy. Know that we can help. Many of our clients are focused on their career advancement. Searching for something meaningful, balanced, and challenging for all of their talents. Contact us if you need a partner regarding your career!

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