STIMULATE OTHERS : Increasing Team Performance!

How are you helping your team elevate their performance efforts? Every people leader has their own style. Some are more hands on than others. Some prefer working with individuals directly over teams as a whole. However, it’s bridging various aspects of those styles together that is useful in people building and stimulating your teams’ ultimate capability to perform. How can you be a channel of encouragement for those who co-labor in your field? Check out a few best practices as you increase your team's performance.

  • Ensure Cooperation - It is often said that leaders lead from the front. Your team is going to take their cue from you. Set the tone for cohesive efforts through consistent engagement with employees from every level. Learn their strengths and weakness and pair up cross-functional partners that can challenge one another’s day-to-day growth.

  • Instigate Action - Team effort is just that, if nothing is actually accomplished. Instead utilize team meetings to specify deliverables. Allow the team to hash out certain action items and set deadlines for when the team will gel all the project pieces together. Certifiable cooperation then evidence itself is needed in productive outcomes.

  • Inspire Creativity - Minimize external noise during team meetings as it has the potential to stifle fluid thought processes. Shut off or silence cell phones. But keep the work area warm with light music, healthy snacks and maybe even the aroma of essential oils and possibly breaks for deep breathing. Limiting the interruptions, but inducing focus, will help all included to get their juices flowing, and enable the team to truly execute the vision.

Need help leveraging these best practices? Contact us and we can help you go from good to great regarding your team's performance!

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