Do you want guidance on your career next steps, increased career satisfaction, or additional best practices regarding your career? Look no further!

This workshop will help you map out several career options based on your most authentic career desires. Our CEO & Founder, Tina Jaynes, will be leading this workshop so get ready for some amazing insight!

Do you know your spiritual strengths and

how to leverage them?

Get excited about completing a spiritual gifts assessment and learning about how to leverage these strengths in your work place! The Pastor of Diversity Church, Jonathan Ember, will be presenting some great information you can apply immediately!

Is your personal brand helping you obtain career opportunities you desire? This workshop will help you identify and apply several best practices for a stronger personal brand that puts in you control of your career.  One of our Trainers and Coaches from Jaynes Consulting, LLC, Julie Kratz, will be leading this workshop with a profound outlook! 

Is getting healthy one of your 2017 priorities? So many of the professionals we encounter say yes! This workshop will help you apply mental and physical ways to become the healthiest version of yourself. The Owner of Be Goddess Inc., Kierra Turner, will be leading this workshop. Come learn about her unique approach and be transformed!

Do you need to strengthen your support network? It is the number one way to ensure career options are plentiful! 

This workshop will discuss the benefits, criteria, and best practices of maximizing your very own support network. One of our Trainers and Coaches from Jaynes Consulting, LLC, Jennifer Manning, will be leading this very thought provoking workshop! 

Does your presence convey confidence and leadership? In Corporate America, this is critical for influence and career achievement. This workshop will provide several best practices to bring your very best self to every experience. The Skyline Club Membership Director, Kasia Kwiatkowska, will be leading this workshop and her diverse experience is your gain!


April 26, 2016

12 P.M. EST or 7 P.M. EST

Live Webinar